Dear W,

Today is one month until your third birthday. I can’t even believe I am writing those words!

How special it is to be your momma! You have been growing to quickly lately, you’re really turning into that three year old boy!

You L-O-V-E dinosaurs! In fact, that’s your birthday party theme! You also love reptiles, the komodo dragon and snakes the most.

Our kitty Sam is your BFF at home and is never far away from you! You love the water still and are always either in the bath, in the pool or spraying with the hose!

You started karate class last month and we are so excited to see what you do with it!

You are silly, smiley, emotional, indecisive, you love cooking, painting, tablet time, wishbone and woof and trucks and cars!

It has been such a blessing to see you grow for the past three years and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!


Your momma

Published by Empowered Mama Coach

Hi, I'm Valerie! I am a Postpartum Empowerment Coach here to help guide you through the new journey of motherhood! Here I will share what I have learned, give tips on how to be more present in life and show you that you can stop sleepwalking through your life and start living it!

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