Comfort Zone

When in early adulthood, I heard “get out of your comfort zone” a lot. But, what that meant to me then seemed really intimidating and scary. Was I supposed to go sky diving, bungee jumping, white water rafting? A lot of those types of things are just a little bit much for me personally. I don’t know if I will ever summon the courage to sky dive!

As a mom now and an older adult (haha) I understand that getting out of your comfort zone is much easier than I thought before. I was on my very first live workout today and it was so exciting. I was on the live cast so if you go and do the workout, you will see me on there if you know where to look!

The class was also hard, sweaty and it was hard for me to keep up. I know I modified a lot. I know I wasn’t the “perfect” performer and that’s okay. I left that class feeling so accomplished. But in the back of my mind I was thinking that I may have looked like a complete mess to the other people who are going to do that workout and see me.

Then I had a thought. I am not an athletic person at all. Have I gained strength and stamina since starting to workout? Yes I have. I still really don’t like working out and being all sweaty but I do it to get out of my head and to move my body. I do it to show my son that taking are of yourself is a positive thing and that it is important to make time for yourself.

So. I am showing that person who is just like me who is doing that workout that it is okay not to be perfect. It is okay to not do everything like everyone else. What does matter is that you keep pushing. You keep moving. I may have had to modify moves today but I never stopped moving. And boy does my body feel it!

So, I thought to myself as I changed out of my workout clothes about how you challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone. That is one way for anyone at home to get out of their comfort zone for sure! Especially if you are conquering body image issues like me. So, I encourage you to think about what that means to you.

What do you do on a daily or weekly basis that gets you out of your comfort zone? If you don’t really, what can you do? What small step can you take out of your comfort zone? If you do, what differences have you noticed in yourself? How can you further step out of your comfort zone?

So, here’s to you, mama, who never gives up, never stops modifying and never stops moving!


Published by Empowered Mama Coach

Hi, I'm Valerie! I am a Postpartum Empowerment Coach here to help guide you through the new journey of motherhood! Here I will share what I have learned, give tips on how to be more present in life and show you that you can stop sleepwalking through your life and start living it!

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