Welcome to the Empowered Postpartum Mama blog page!

I am so excited to start sharing with ya’ll! I want to talk about so much stuff, becoming a mama, trying to organize a house, transitioning from working full time to being a full time mom at home, using early intervention at home with my son, attempting to decorate my house (something that I haven’t had the chance to do in the past) doing DIYs and getting to know what you like!

I will be posting about different things on my Instagram and Facebook pages throughout the month and am so looking forward to it! Come along with me!

Published by Empowered Mama Coach

Hi, I'm Valerie! I am a Postpartum Empowerment Coach here to help guide you through the new journey of motherhood! Here I will share what I have learned, give tips on how to be more present in life and show you that you can stop sleepwalking through your life and start living it!

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