In Our Dreams

Y’all. I have been having not a recurring dream but I have been dreaming about the same thing happening to me over the course of two dreams. Can you guess? (Hint is in the title haha)

If you guessed I dreamt of dinosaurs twice in a week, you are correct! The first dream was terrifying and I would call it more of a nightmare. Because a nightmare is a dream when something bad is happening to you. I didn’t know that until this year, I thought there were “good” dreams and “bad” dreams and a nightmare was something else. But if you have a pleasant experience or something in your dream it’s a dream. If something is terrifying in your dream or you end up waking in tears, that’s a nightmare.

This second dream happened this morning and when I woke up I decided to look it up. Dreaming of dinosaurs and being chased by dinosaurs basically means that there is something from your past you can’t let go of or you don’t want to let go of.

I thought this was pretty interesting as I had a very hard time yesterday thinking about my friend who unfriended me. November is a pretty triggering month in general at this point in time for me so I think it was my brain’s way of telling me to let go. Reminding me that I have amazing things in my future and I don’t need to dwell on my past. Even if the past wasn’t that long ago, I can still let it go.

It has been tough going especially in the spring when this all went down. These few months have been so much better for me when it comes to those obsessive thoughts. And even though I had a rough day yesterday and I let myself feel what I needed to feel, my brain put a road block up for me. It told me if I searched for her profile on facebook (because I do this every few weeks like clock work) I would only feel worse if I did.

And guess what? I DID NOT look up any of her profiles on social media. I am very proud of myself for listening to my brain instead of following my heart yesterday. I feel that much better today. I made myself workout for like 45 minutes today so I could sweat out my frustration and move my body.

So if you are having a hard time, it will get easier. It feels like walking up a steep hill but you will eventually get to a plateau and be able to catch your breath. You WILL get through this!


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