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Dear W,

Today is one month until your third birthday. I can’t even believe I am writing those words! How special it is to be your momma! You have been growing to quickly lately, you’re really turning into that three year old boy! You L-O-V-E dinosaurs! In fact, that’s your birthday party theme! You also love reptiles,Continue reading “Dear W,”

Mother’s Day Feels

Happy Mother’s day! This is a special edition post on how I am processing my feelings during this year’s Mother’s day. Right now I am trying to remain grateful for what I have. I waited a long, long time to be a mom and just to have the little one to mother is such aContinue reading “Mother’s Day Feels”


Support as a new mother is imperative. We know we will need lots of it and we try to prepare ourselves for the upcoming unknown. But what happens when there is a pandemic and your support system is unable to help? Or you have your family but they are not a reliable source for support?Continue reading “Support”

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